Ron van Biezen

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Age: 54
Country: The Netherlands
Facebook: Ron van Biezen
Instagram: RonOldie

Hello, my name is Ron, Oldie is my nick is and a funny way to tell people I’m an older guy. I started my bodybuilding lifestyle at the age of 48. I had never before set foot in a gym.I started fitness to become better fitted for running 10EM, half marathon 10K etc. Due to a patella injury, I had to stop running. Fitness gave me a moment to relax and a way to handle all the stress from work and home.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have a son with down syndrome. And fitness gave me an opportunity to clear my head.
I finally got a bit of muscle and started to read all about this sport and the way food played a big part in this sport. I met a really nice guy, Raymond and he took me by the hand and gave me the support I’ll need to take the next step. Training and eating were poor. Ray coached me and gave me a start becoming fit and lean.

During this process, my body changed and I’ll enjoy this lifestyle in all its glory. After 7 months or so Ray proposed to take it the next level. The next level was a bodybuilding competition. I had to think hard if this was what I wanted to do. Standing on a stage almost naked.

Well, my first competition was in November 2013 at the age of 50. So Oldie is a nice way to remember that I’m a late starter in this sport.
I will do anything that’s in my power to become a better me. For now, the road is set for Oldie 3.0


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