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Age: 60
Country: Belgium
Facebook: Freddy van Puyenbroeck
Instagram: freddy.van.puyenbroeck2

Hello, I´m Freddy van Puyenbroeck from Belgium.

Grew up in a cycling environment where my oldest brother was a top cyclist. I was more of a hobby cyclist who did it for the friendship bets.
My passion for bodybuilding started when a friend of mine gave me some magazines. I looked at the pictures and just knew I had to be like that!
I started training with self-made barbells and racks to work on my body. At that time I was about 19 years old and saw the changes I was making! But I was still unhappy (aren’t we all?)  In that time there weren’t much gym’s and I was a little scared to enter one of those. Back to the home made equipment!

At the age of 26 lots had changed so I walked into one of the gym’s to get a membership. I told the owner I wanted to train for competition and he trained me. In 6 months time, I did an IFBB New Faces comp in the -75kg division. I won the first price! I was thrilled! I got the competition virus!

Did over 100 competition: 2 times World champion. 3 times Vice – World champion and numberus of honor titles. 8 times Belguim Nationals Champion. Latest comps: First price Universe in Lithuania plus overall winner Masters +50 years, Walters Open first price Masters +50 years and European Champion WBBF! Now were in prep for the Walters Open on October the 22thess and World Championship in Turkey! can’t get enough of it and hopefully do this for many years with Beastmob Gymgear by my side! #wearebeasts
Freddy van Puyenbroeck Freddy van Puyenbroeck Freddy van Puyenbroeck Freddy van Puyenbroeck

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