Arsenio Adamson

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Age: 42
Country: The Netherlands
Facebook: Arsenio Adamson
Instagram: arsenioadamson

Hi, my name is Arsenio Adamson from the Netherlands.

I´m a father of 2 beautiful kids, a young man of 22 years and a sweet daughter of 14 years old.
I work as a service mechanic for a car glass company for over 10 years. Single for 3 years.

I started training in 2002 and fell in love with bodybuilding in 2003. My first competition was in 2004.
2005 I competed at YBF Eemsmond Cup in Delfzijl, week after that IFBB Dutch Nationals. Also in 2005 competed in the World Cup in Shanghai with my Dutch Team with Roelly and Quincy Winklaar and our coach Bart Andel.
After that, I did the European Championship in 2006.

Stopped in 2007 and did the Gran Prix Dutch Nationals Body Building Classic took the first price!

After that, I stopped for years, continued training but no competitions.
In 2015 I contacted my coach to do the Dutch Nationals again. Also did the Dutch Nationals in 2016.

Now training for a comp in 2018 with Coach Bart Andel, he builds me, he´s the best! And go #beastmode

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