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The Magic Pills, Wonder Shakes and epic Fat Burn devices!

We have seen them all, companies who sell Magic Pills, Wonder Shakes or Fat Burn devices! One product is even better than the other! Just take this pill/shake or get a session in some infrared device and you WILL LOSE FAT!

These companies make millions by misleading the uneducated costumer.

Misleading? YES! Let’s break this down for you!

Creating a 6 or 7 figure enterprise.

I really love and appreciate entrepreneurship, love to see how some guy or lady builds a company from scratch to a 6 or 7 figure enterprise. Love the process, the effort (even if that person has the ability to use an investor or has money on the bank to create an enterprise) and the hard work you have to do to reach financial independence.

But to lie, deceive and sell bullshit to get there… that ticks me! I’m an honest guy, love to help people out and grow together! I don’t have an 6 or 7 figure company and that’s OK! Sure I want to be financially independent! But how do I want to reach that? Do I lie, deceive and sell bullshit just to get money out of your pocket into mine? Or do I try to help you out, offer you a fair product for a fair price and make you happy in the long run? In the end people will believe in you and your product if you stay true! True to your customers and to yourself and loved ones!

There is no Magic Pill!

I hate to be the dick but there is n’t! There are pills to help you reach your goals (whatever they are) but there is no pill, shake or device that does the magic trick! It sounds great right? Take a pill or a shake or take a session with some vague device and burn fat right where you stand! Man, if that was the truth, who would be fat? Right NOBODY WOULD BE FAT ANYMORE!

So, why isn’t it a wonder? Why isn’t it magic?
Although some pills supports fat loss (read carefully, SUPPORTS) like some fat burners, they will not make you burn fat without doing something for it! A fat burner usually has some ingredients which gives you more energy and makes your heart beat raise which gives you the idea it works! And it will support your fat loss if you work out! Without some form work out nothing other than raising your heart rate will happen!

What about a delicious shake?
Most of the companies sell meal replacement shakes, they are the worst! So a proper meal can be replaced by some shady shake and that will make you lose fat? Come on! First off, why should you remove a proper meal in your diet? Second, that particular shake is probably way more expensive than your nice salmon or chicken with rice or noodles! Some companies even take this a step further! Drink only shakes during the day!

Wait, what?
So you tell me I only drink shakes for a few weeks and I lose weight? No proper nutritional meal? No fruit, nuts or seeds? Errr….? NO!

I’ve seen a device that burns fat for you in specific areas!

Al thou a lot of devices are clinically proven and state that they are proven to work, there are not scientifically proven.

Which means they tested it on an x amount of subjects and the outcome of the test was positive. (not taking in consideration: lifestyle, eating habits etc.)

As for science something has to be tested and the outcome has to be absolute. If a company claims to be breaking down fat cells, science must prove it actually does!

And even if some of these machines create result, it still all depends on your lifestyle and diet! So you can burn fat with a machine and still eat at McDonald’s 5 times a week? NO!

So BeastMob, what does work?

Yes! In vs Out!

Let me make it very easy for you #beasts and #ladybeasts!

Our body needs a certain amount of calories to survive called Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR). We burn calories trough breathing, blood circulation, walking, talking and even a fart burns calories!

At your daily life you sleep, eat, walk, talk, work, workout and have sex (hopefully). It all burns calories. So to maintain your weight you need a certain amount of calories to keep doing what you are doing.

So, if you want to lose fat you create a deficit in your calorie intake. Eat fewer calories that you need daily and you lose fat! As simple as that!

Eating in deficit the healthy way!

Now some of you might think, that’s way too easy! Well, yes and no. Yes its easy to create a deficit and lose fat. No, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

A few basic steps:

Step 1:
First you have to find out what your daily calorie intake should be to maintain your weight. This can be done to use one of the thousands of Harris-Benedict calculators. (Harris-Benedict originated from 1919 to calculate calorie. Renewed in 1984 with a much larger group of test subjects.) The Harris-Benedict calculation is probably the most used and common calculator in the fitness industry.

Step 2:
Lower your calorie intake between 300 calories and 6-700 calories. Why such a high range? It all depends on your goals and how you lower your calorie intake. There is no one size fits all! Your calorie intake might be lower than mine. Maybe I do cardio 1 hour a day (which burns calories, so needs to be taken in consideration when setting up a diet.)

Step 3:
Tweak, tweak, tweak! Like I said, there is no “one size fits all” solution!
Stick to your diet a month and see how your body reacts! Go from there!

Step 4:
If all fails, if no results are made, if there is JUST NOT ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE. You are not in a deficit! My best advice, search for a coach with good references and let him/her make you a proper plan to lose weight!

BeastMob Academy and Team BeastMob

When we started BeastMob we wanted to be more than a brand! We want to be a community, a support, an information beacon for all fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. In the past few weeks we started to develop the BeastMob Academy and Team BeastMob.

BeastMob Academy:
In our academy, we will share a lot of information regarding, nutrition, tips and tricks, training tips, training videos, interviews and lots more all for free! We just want to share our knowledge and the knowledge we will gather in the upcoming years!

Team BeastMob:
This will be our online no bullshit coaching! In the near future we can help you with your nutrition, training plan and lifestyle plan! Still, in development, we are working on a special system on our website, an app and a complete new customer service, so we can manage the load!

Stay tuned more info is coming your way!

So what is your opinion?

Please do let us know in the comments, what’s your opinion about this subject and what do you think of the BeastMob Academy and Team BeastMob? All tips and comments are welcome, we are happy to take all your advice in consideration! BeastMob Out!

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      Hi Rob, at a product page you can select the currency! Its or Euro or USD.

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