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Bringing back the “family” bond!


When I look at bodybuilding and fitness today I feel a little de-motivated! Not in the quality or the talent or my own progression, but what it’s turning into!

Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of beasts and ladybeasts who work their ass of to achieve goals and go extremely deep in prep and I’ve got nothing but respect! All the pro’s in this sport also work their ass off to keep the respect they’ve earned and fill their shelves with first prices!

I’m not talking about them! I’m talking about all the social media horny guys and gals who are willing to do anything for likes and followers! I’m talking about the guys who compare their bicep to yours in the gym! About the girls who talk shit about other girls in the locker room cause of the lack of self-confidence they have! I’m also referring to the guys who post #gymlife in social media who only put the effort in their so called lifestyle to look good at summer festivals! I’m talking about the people who show up at the gym once in 2 weeks and tell everyone it’s all about gym life and act like they are gurus!

The old days

Back in the day’s things were different! And of course I know, you don’t have to convince me about it, things have changed! Back in the days Bodybuilding and Fitness wasn’t a hype. In fact, for the majority of mankind, it was a “thing” for the pros! Yes, Arnold, Zane, Lou, Lee had (and still have) a lot of fans. But nowadays everyone wants to be huge and ripped!

Question your actions

The question they have to ask themselves is: for who you want to be big? Your friends? Your family? Your FOLLOWERS? You wanna hit that stage for who? To gain followers and likes? Who are you kidding? Not me, that’s for sure! Look at the lady’s nowadays, if it doesn’t include a piece of your but it’s not Instagram worthy? If guys don’t (probably) jerk off at your picture you don’t get any likes?

I know, I know, calm down, don’t get your dick twisted and your tits jammed! I get it! I really do! There is no greater feeling than getting compliments, love, and dick picks! (Ok, I don’t like the dick pics, but I can imagine alot of you girls and guys do) I know they can boost your self-confidence and motivate you. But be real with yourself if you see your followers counting up and your likes you feel like you matter! You taste that little piece of fame and get stoked!

And me?

I do, I feel good about myself when I post something and get confirmation that I do good! That I’m on track! People notice my gains or veins! Yes! I love it!! But for completely different reasons! I don’t post for likes, I don’t post for followers! In fact, I don’t do anything to gain followers or likes! If you look at my Instagram profile, I don’t have that many followers, I even follow more than I have followers! First of I follow everyone who follows me! People inspire me! Not by liking my posts, but me sincerely liking what they post! We have to admit that social media is here for us to use, I use it as inspiration, to motivate, to help or just to show I care!

This is where I was going with this post:

I know I’m a big dreamer, but when I created BeastMob Gymgear I wanted to be more than just a clothing brand. I want BeastMob to be a movement! Connecting fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts to be part of a family! No matter where you come from, no matter what you do in life! No matter whether you are a beginner, novice or expert! Man, woman, in between! No matter what you believe in or what beautiful color you wear! No matter you’re gay, lesbian or can’t pick a side! We are all CONNECTED! Connected through our passion! Eating iron, push our limits and get the best out of ourselves! We’re in this together!!

If I can convince one to reconsider the way he/she promotes her/himself, get in touch with the inner soul and rethink the way he/she acts in the gym, see the passion in someone’s eye without judging and fully enjoy this way of life, my movement starts!!

Love to you all!

Patrick Klarenbeek

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2 Thoughts to “Bringing back the “family” bond!”

  1. Loren

    I love your philosophy of putting the gym family first instead of the hype this industry is turning into with social “friends” and the likes. Please provide information on becoming a BeastMob ambassador. Although I don’t have a Calum VonMoger type body, I am motivated to be the best looking 57 year old I can. Thanks

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